In addition to this current list of more than 40 reciprocal clubs across the country, Amarillo Club is proud to now offer ClubBenefits to our members. If you are interested in visiting an Invited (previously ClubCorp) property, visit Invited for a complete, up-to-date listing. The ClubLine (800-433-5079) is your Member Concierge and is open Monday - Friday, 9a.m. - 5p.m. Please note when making reservations through Invited that the Amarillo Club is an Alliance Club. This may affect discounts and Mobile App availability.  For questions or to make reservations, simply call 1-800-433-5079. 

Also, If you have interest in upgrading your ClubBenefits to SignatureGold, please complete the application below and return to our Membership Director at 

If you wish to visit a Club in our original network, please inform membership services prior to your visit. They will e-mail a "Letter of Introduction" to the Reciprocal Club stating that a member of our Club would like to exercise their reciprocal privileges. Members will receive a copy of the letter to carry with them when they visit the reciprocal club.

The member is responsible for making and canceling their own reservations. The member is also responsible for inquiring about the reciprocal club’s billing procedure. Most clubs will bill the Amarillo Club and then your membership will be billed. Some clubs will require payment before you leave. Still, other clubs will give you a valid pass for several days’ usage with payment at the end of the visit. If you have any questions about your reciprocity privileges, please contact membership services.

The Amarillo Club requires Reciprocating Club members to provide a "Letter of Introduction" and a minimum of 24 hour notice to reciprocate with us.  Reciprocating Club members are required to pay with credit card at the table.

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